Top of the World Tour with Antelope Canyon

Tour Duration: Approximately 3.5 hours
Price: $N/A
Tour Type: Air & Landing Tour
product code: hpht-3

The city of Page, Arizona may not be a household name, but the natural desert landforms tucked away here are some of the most famous in the world. This day tour offers the most amazing sights that the city of Page has to offer! Passengers will leave the Page Municipal Terminal on a helicopter ascent to the top of the nearby Tower Butte - a massive landform jutting from the earth with a flat surface. After landing at the top, passengers can wander the butte and capture the 360-degree desert views. Also visible from atop the butte is the marvelous expanse of Lake Powell. The helicopter flight also includes aerial sights of Horseshoe Bend, perhaps the most recognizable section of the Colorado River. This area of the river is named for the near-circular bend it makes through Glen Canyon.

The highlight of this adventure is a guided journey through Antelope Canyon. It was inside this slot canyon that the most expensive photograph ever sold was taken. Tour guides will be present to help guests capture their own masterpiece photos while venturing through this winding sandstone corridor. The perfect adventure for photography enthusiasts and sightseers!

Please note: Due to the sandy footing in Antelope Canyon this tour is not wheelchair-accessible. Sturdy shoes are highly recommended. Antelope Canyon tour may occur before or after flight.

Tour Duration

Approximately 3.5 hours

Flight Duration

Approximately 20 – 25 minutes

Tower Butte Landing Duration

Approximately 15 - 20 minutes

Antelope Canyon Duration

Approximately 1.5 hours

Terminal Check-In

Arrive at the airport 30 minutes prior to the departure time to check in for he helicopter flight. Upon arrival, our customer service representative is readily available to answer any questions and provide prompt check-in.

Antelope Slot Canyon

After returning from the helicopter flight, make your way to the Antelope Canyon depot for check in. Once checked in, depart on a guided tour of this mystical slot canyon. Take picture perfect photos as the sunlight pierces through and reveals its colorful sandstone walls.


Arrive at the depot with lasting memories and photos of a once in a lifetime experience.